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Sunday, August 5, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hello my beloved family,

I´m so happy to hear that my dad is home finally! That sure was a really fast six months! Then again ha I am on a mission and you all are in real life. I am a witness that time defintely passes diferently in my situation haha. Also thank you Aunt Nae Nae for taking care of my crazy little siblings for so long I cannot believe that you signed up for that. And i thought I was brave for coming on a mission. haha. Im so glad to here that Granmda and Grandpa Kieth found a house in Orem. I´m so excited to see how awesome it is when I get home..... in forever!! But a few sneak peak pictures would be great!!! I hope the rest of the family is doing well.

Please please please forgive me, but happy belated fathers day. I´m so sorry that I forgot but I hope its still countsa at least a little bit. My dad is honestly my hero and I hope that he knows it. He´s always been the best example for me and I work hard every day so that the Lord can mold me into the time of father husband and man of God that he is. To all fathers remember your sacred duty in the lives of your children and remeber your sacred purpose here in this life. Your here to learn to become like our Father in Heaven. If you let Him help you in your everyday life He will. With your job with your hobbies and especially with your family. You have the right to receive personal revelation for your family. Use that right. And continue raising your families in righteousness.

As for me well its been a good week. We have been finding a few new people and still working with a lot of our other progressing investigators. Yerick´s  baptism (who is Jerig in all my other letters we just figured out how to spell his name) was really great. His entire family showed up to support him. He received the Holy Ghost and the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and I´m so excited for the new spirituality that he´s going to be able to bring to his family. We had a lesson yesterday with his kids. He has three. The daughter has already been going to mutual but we avent shared with here that much. Sheás 14. The youngest son is a really cool little guy. He´s 12 and just has a really kind heart and a really good kid. He was great in the lesson and said he wanted his own book of mormon. Unfortunately I ran into a problem with the oldest son who is 18. He´s a good kid as well just not as intersted. WHen he didnt want to set another cita with us because he didmt want to commit to anything I think I may have pushed him too hard. I feel bad and hope that I didnt push him away. But for now we will work with the yonger two kids and hope that the influence of their dad will have a big part in their spiritual progression.

I´m not sure if you know this but since about the begginning of june we have been living four missionaries in our little apartment. Elder Brezack is a great missionary from Nebraska who unfortunately finishes his mission this transfer. I´m going to miss him he really brings a great attitude into the house. His comp is Elder Arias. Elder Arias and I have the same time on the mission and we´ve become really good friends since they´ve been here. He´s from Costa Rica and has invited me to come to his house once we get done. aha we shal see about that. But We´ve become great friends and we´ve learned a lot from each other. Elder Mooney and I are doing well. I feel sometimes like I have no Idea what to teach him, but I need to be teaching him being his trainer. It´s a hard place for me right now but I´m doing my best to make sure he´s having a good experience and that he keeps learning. 

Well that´s about all I have time for this time. I´d like to say sorry to Kelsey real quick because i´ve had a letter written for her but just didnt have the address but now that I do i will send it as quick as I can! Also I´d love to here from some of my Family in Vegas. What´s going on with mission calls? How´s my beloved Otis family. I really do miss you all and hope that you all are doing well. Have a great week everyone!

Les quiero muchísimo,
Elder Pemberton

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