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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hola mi familia y mis amigos,

Wow... Time just flew by this week! But its been good and I´m still having such a great time here on the mission.

Where to start Elder Mooney and I have been working hard as always. Its been a week of progression I would say. We´ve been having a bit of a problem with getting our investigators to have a baptismal dates due to one issue or another. And by our luck on thursday the assistents to the President passed by our house and sat in on our weekly planning session. This is a three our long block of planning out what we´re going to do for the next week and what we can do to help our investgators the most. So they helped us get a gameplan for a few of our investigators to help them accept a baptism date as a goal to have. It was a good conversation and I really think we´re going to be able to help our investigators come that much closer to baptism.

Last Sunday the 29th they announced a ward temple trip and we have three recent converts who have not yet been able to go. And the rule is if one of our converts brings family names to the temple to do the work for them then we can go with them. So we had been working with Carlos Bort for a couple weeks saying that "Carlos you need to get some names so that we can go to the temple!" Well you all know how it is being excited for temple work. Yeah unfortunately doesnt happen too often. BUT on wednesday we went to the chapel with our family history consultant and met carlos there and were there for two hours. It was long, a little boring, but so very worth it. On thursday night Carlos a recent convert of 2 months was baptized and confirmed for three of his great uncles. And Elder Mooney baptized him and I was able to do the confirmations. We had such an amazing expierence in the temple. Just as you walk in the doors you feel such a calming sensation that you realize you are truly in the House of the Lord. As we did baptisms and enjoyed the company the youth in our ward and their leaders I truly realized there is no way that the church cannot be true. Its just absolutely impossible. The magnitude of the Spirit that one feels in the temple just says it all. 

On a different note we had a really fun adventure on Saturday. Right now in the caribean we are in what is called cyclone season. Which is basically a LOT of rain and fairly windy. But the thing is, one day it´ll be bright and sunny and then it´ll hit and hit hard with intense winds and a whole bunch of rain. Then it´ll let up for a few hours then start pouring again. Elder Mooney and I had to make our way carefully through a few rivers that were actually just flooded neighborhood streets and when we went to take a public car home from our area the entire main street that goes across our whole area was flooded so they had to take a diferent route to get us to our stop. haha It was really fun.

De verdad estoy disfrutando de lo máximo mi misión. I can´t wait for all the great experiences that I am going to have as well. I mean think about it: I´m still just in my first area. I hope you all are having great times bak in the states or wheverever you are reading this. Know that my prayers are with you and that you all mean so much to me. Thanks for your love and support and have a great week!!!

Elder Pemberton

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