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Urb. Los Cacicazgos
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Mission Call

"Hey Jamie you've got some mail..."
Now this was a funny story. I had been writing my friends on missions and so I had been expecting letters from them. My mission papers were also submitted, but I figured it would take about two weeks so I really wasn't expecting any news about my mission. On Sunday Sept 11, 2011 Ana and Dad decided to go check the mail, which now looking back on it was very random, because we never check the mail on sundays. When they came inside Ana handed me my letters at first and I was so excited to hear from my missionaries! Then she said here you've got another letter. I was a little confused because I couldn't think of who else could have written me. I look up and see my mission call!!! I literally jumped back in my chair and said, "thats not supposed to be here yet." I had only submitted my papers I think two sundays before and wasn't expecting it to come till the following week. Thinking about it, my call must have been in the mailbox for a few days just waiting for me. So funny. We did some quick planning and organizing and got Skype accounts ready to go. We opened it up that evening. My ward family from Las Vegas was on Skype as well as most of Ana's family. I also had some friends and my mom on the phone. The two missionaries in the picture, Elder Lamb and Elder Scefcik, became my close friends in San Antonio and were able to come watch me open my call. My best friend and roommate from BYU Jesse Fausett was also able to show up and support me. As I opened up the call I was a little nervous, but willing to accept and love the place the Lord had chosen for me to go. When I read the Dominican Republic, the first thought that came to my mind was yes that is exactly where I'm supposed to go. It was a great time opening up my mission call and I am so excited to finally be able to go!