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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Ay mi madre tengo UN AÑO ya. ¿Cómo va a ser?

Haha Well my dear friends and family. I hope that most of you can´t understand what I just wrote because honestly I can´t even believe that its true. But enough about that already. Back to the Work.

What a week its been. A little unpreductive as far as numbers go but we were able to have a good week.

As far as news with hno Abreu he´s doing good. He´s not baptized though. Let me tell you what that has most definitely been an adventure. We were in town until wednesday with my comp being sick. So all that time went by and we were not able to meet with him, get the baptism interview set up, and prepare him for his actual baptism. So we decided on wednesday when we were finally able to make contact with him we said that we would wait to do it this coming saturday. Well sunday comes and we are reminded that this weekend we have a District Conference that will be here in Azua. With that information and with the fact that he already has 2 sundays without going to church, I just was not sure what to do. When we got home from church that day I asked elder Perez what he thought. He looked at me and said that he had no idea either. So I looked at him and said, "wellp there´s Someone who does." So we knelt down and said a prayer. After the prayer I sat there thinking. My comp asked me if I any feelings or better ideas about what to do. I just told him to wait a bit. So he left to go do something in the other room and while a I was sitting at my desk looking for answers from the heavens I received the most beautiful revelation. I even cried from the love I felt when I received this understanding from my Heavenly Father. There I received the determination that we were going to have a baptism and later after talking with my Zone Leader elder Hunt and later in the mission coordination meeting with the leaders of the branch we were able to put a date that we could make happen. So hno Gil Abreu will be baptized now the 25 of January and thats just how its going to be. I have faith that it will happen but please pray for this baptism and that it can all work out well.

I love the fact that we are important to the All Powerful Being we call our God. I know He loves us. He gives us personal revelaton to help us and to help others around us. When you are in those quiet moments of your life I invite you all to pay very close attention to the feelings and thoughts that come to your mind after prayer and petions to our Father in heaven for help. And then I invite you to write what happens down. Those heavenly sent thoughts and feelings become personal scriptures for you and as we do that like the modern day prophets have counseled we will show our Heavenly Father that He is important to us. And as He see´s that he will be more and more inclinded to help us. 

I love you all so very much thank you for the letters and packages. The christmas cards with the letters of what has happened in the past year are my favorite. (hint hint for next christmas). Thank you for your prayers and thank you for your love. I know that Heavenly Father blesses me in His work due to the efforts of every single one of you. Have a great week and I hope you can feelp the peace and love of Christ that He gives to us all.

Elder Pemberton 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hey family!

I´m sorry I don´t have a whole bunch of time to write. My comp is sick and it looks like he´s got an ameba or something. Its been a pretty crazy day! From cries to get sent home to sleepless nights to finding a random lab in town to be able to do some tests. Yeah you all can imagine. But life is good. Don´t you all worry about it. 

As far as the week goes... hmmm what can I say to you all about this past week. Well we can start with hno Abreu! He´s getting baptized this week. WOOOHOOO! We can´t wait. We´ve been able to meet with him a few times this week and he´s doing great. He´s such a humble man and really loves the Lord and His CHurch. Thank you for all of your prayers. They have helped him find the path that god wants him to be on.

As far as our other investigators they are all doing well. I think we´re finally making progress with Bienvenido. We´re doing our best to use words that he can more easily relate to. We put a date for the 2nd of febuary. We´re also working with a few new people and with our studies we´ve been able to learn of a good way to help investigators progress easier. I´ve learned that one of my favorite things to hear from my investigators is that they have been testified to by the Holy Ghost of the truth of our message. The Lord is truly our best teammate in this work and without Him and the testifying of His Holy Spirit we would not be able to do ANYTHING.

Well it´s time to go on an intercambio with my Zone Leader elder Hunt WHO IS AWESOME!!!! I love you all SO VERY MUCH. And I hope you have a great week this week. The Lord is always with His children I know that to be true, but that is if we look for Him. Look for the Savior and His comforting power this week. I promise you as I have seen it today with my companion you will be able to find it through prayer and the scriptures.

Elder Pemberton