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Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Mi quierida familia.
Primero les doy gracias por todo ustedes han hecho para mi. Estoy muy agradecido por todos que ustedes han hecho para prepararme por mi mision aqui en La Republica Dominicana.
First I want to let you all know how grateful i am for everything that you've done for me. You all have played a big role in helping me be prepared to serve a mission here in the DR.
Next I want to say how sorry I really am for my last letter. I feel really bad and don't feel like it was very uplifting at all I hope to do better and hope that you all will continue to read my letters even though they're not the best. What can I so I'm no Elder Fausett thats for sure! But I will do my best to make them interesting and uplifting and help you all come just a bit closer to Christ through reading my letters.
Lets start with my investigators.
We've got plenty of investigators but I'll only talk about 2 today for times sake.
The first is named Anamaria and she's about 30 (we think). She is the sister of Hna Carrasco which is a very very kind member who's really really helped us a lot. Hna Carrasco is a convert but is currently seperated from her husband at the moment so she lives with her three kids at the house of her mom and her sister(which is our investigator). Our first lesson with Ana wasnt even planned. I think we went over there to give Hna Carrasco a spiritual thought and we were able to share with the Mom and Ana. At the end of the lesson she said that she would read a chapter in the book of mormon that we left. She said she had never read it so that was great that she was willing. We've had 2 or 3 more lessons with her since that first time. Our latest lesson being last night (after conference). Up until this point she said she hadnt really felt like she had recieved her answer. Well conference above other things is the place to receive answers I'll tell you what. So we go into the lesson hoping that she received her answer that all of this was true and that this was the path that she should take. We started to ask  her. She said she felt good. What Elder Stott told me that we needed to do was to help her recognize that she had recieved her answer, because there's no way to go to conference and not feel the spirit if your truly looking. She said that she felt really calm that she really wants to start a family of her own but that she really wants our Father in Heaven to be a big part of that start - a lot like the start of another relationship that i'm pretty familiar with ;). So she asked her sister if that was her answer and she said yes that it was the holy ghost testifying of the truth of the messages and of the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Anamaria now has a baptismal date for the 5th of May. I'm so very excited. Because when she accepted the baptismal date I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that she was going to get baptized on that date. After the lesson Elder Stott and I came out dancin we were so happy. Oh the fruits of the mission. :)
Well for times sake I'm only going to write about 1 so that I can add other stuff in here too.
We had intercambios this past thursday excpet this time elder Stott left me in the area..... (O_o) yeah it was rough. I was pretty stressed because citas were falling through and we had to wait for a member for like an hr so we were late to a lot of first lessons. Gosh it was stressful. BUT I'm honestly glad it was stressful because if it had gone all fine then I wouldnt have learned anything, and do I have A LOT to learn!
Conference has never gone by so quick!!!! Even when I would fall asleep for half of it it has never flown by this fast. It was all in Spanish so i didnt catch all that was being said. But I understood bits and peices and generally the main idea of the talk. But I really felt the spirit of conference. And I can testify to each and everyone of you that those men and women are called of god to be the leaders of our church and the auxilary organizations that help the wonderful family of disciples of christ run smoothly.
Now time for the fun stuff!!! Hna Carrasco has a 5 year old daughter that reminds me SOOOO much of Malak! except obviously she speaks spanish.... and well malak speaks... yes he does. haha But Elder Stott and I have gotten to be pretty good friends with her.
Ok the best thing here is JUICE!!!! oh my goodness... Juice is pretty AMAZING here in the DR. I dont know how I survived without tasting such deliciousness before coming here. The honest to goodness reason why its so good though is because of the fruit. Well I know you want to say "DUH Elder Pemberton, juice comes from fruit!" But hear me out first. When it comes to fruits... I swear they're liking making stuff up. There are so many fruits that i never knew i didnt know! like come on what in the world is mamon?!?! apparently it bread fruit. And zapote.... yeah I kid you not. But hey they make good juice so i'm not complaining.
Well thats about It here that I have time for. Please know that I love you all so much. And I want you all to know that everything that each one of you has invested in me is not going to waste I i'm trying my best to be succesful and being an intsrument in the hands of the Lord. So again thank you so much. I'd like to finish my letter similar to how Elder Niel L. Anderson finished his. I call out to all true disciples of Christ with good news. That His church has been restored upon the earth once more. And that His arm is extended and waiting to take you into His arms and bless you with all the blessings that He has in store for you. But like Peter we need to find His hand in this stormy sea of a world. We need to act as disciples of Christ and do the things that He asks us to do. All of His truths are found in only one church, His Church. I ask all of you who are not members of the LDS Church but are still true disciples of Christ that if missionaries pass by your house or if you have the opportunity to learn more about the gospel that i am preaching here in the DR, take it please. It can only bless your life even more if you just let it.
I love you all have a great week!
Love Elder Pemberton

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