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Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

My dear loving family!

I hope everyone is doing so good and had a great Easter SUnday. Here they celebrate Semana Santa. and its actually a pretty crazy week, full of mostly partying and vacations. It sufficeth me to say that its a little bit more dificult to set citas and find people at home. But the blessing of the Lord are flowing in an abudunce and as Elder Stott tells me we had a really GREAT semana santa as they go when it comes to citas. Oh and citas are appointments and Semana Santa translates to Holy Week. You all need to work on your spanish!;)

This week like most I was having dificutlies with expressing myself and teaching clearly because of the langauge. Honestly there is true power in the Scriptures. As searched for something top study in Preach My Gospel for a personal study one morning I came across a scripture study portion that sais "what should I say?" I thought perfect!!! I didnt have much time but I went quickly to the first two scriptures that were found in the Book of Mormon. the first one is found in 2 Nephi 31:1. From this scripture I learned that Nephi spoke by the power of the spirit. I realized that I need to do all I can to be obedient to better have the Spirit with me so that he can help me testify and teach in coherent spanish and with some power as a representative of christ. The next was in Alma5:43-46. Here I learned that to be able to truly testy of our message obviously I need to have a strong testimony of these things myself. I committed myself then and there to pray more often to receive a reasurance that all the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is truly the kingdom of God upon the earth and that with it is taught the complete and restored gospel of Jesus Christ. As I closed my personal study with a prayer I asked my Heavenly Father for such a reasurance. ANd of course as always I received my answer.

We have a really awesome investigator who I mentioned last week, named Ana. Sheis really awesome. She ALWAYS reads and is really learning so much. She unfortunately didnt come to church this past week and that was pretty rough, BUT we ended up teaching her yesterday after church and we found out that she got a little scared. As she was reading 2 Nephi 31:14. We helped her resolve her worries and strengthen her faith. She´s so great and is really doing all of this because she knows it´s right and wants these blessings in her life. She has a baptism date for May 5th. I know she´ll be ready.

Sunday was rough we had absolutely 0 investigators come to church when we were planning on about 8 to show up. What made it worse was that Presdient Rodriguez and his family made a special vist. President has a son who´s going to BYU this coming fall. An this past friday was the day to pick on capmus housing. Needless to say as almost every BYU student has found out its a REALLY nervracking experiences. On top of that he had no idea what to and his parents had to leave for an important meetinjg. So Sister Rodirguez calls us right before a cita and asks us if we a¡can come help Jerald sign up for is housing arrangements. We gratefully abliged and went over there as soon as our cita was finished. I was really glad we could help him out. It reminded me of when I had a missionary help me come with my BYU stuff. It brought back good memories and Jerald is a great kid. He´s going to love the Y.

Well to answer a few question. My house is Great! We´ve got running water and light pretty much all of the time. Elder Stott´s a pretty good cook, and I do by best to contribute. He´s teaching me a few dominican tricks. We have a great area its basically all along one REAlllllly LONG street called Independiencia. When we have a cita thats far away if we dont have enough time we take public cars. Ha basically they fit as many people as posible in the car and will take you anywhere along this street for 25 pesos which is a little more than 50 cents. haha its a fun time.

As part of my trainign program we watch these video´s called the distrct. They recorded a district and parts of there mission to help other missionaries learn from expereince. The cool thing was is that i saw President Becksted our temple president in SA he was the ward mission leader in one of the wards in this district. 

Well thats all the time I´ve got but I love you all and hope you have a great week BYE!

Elder Pemberton

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