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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh my beloved family!
Wow what a day Elder Stott and I had yesterday. We found out that IM GETTING TRANSFERRED?!?!?! This was definitely not supposed to happen, because the training program is for two transfers and you stay with your training for both of them. But we are are now going to have 6 elders in our area. Me and my new companion Elder Stott and his new companion and then the office Elders. I´m quite sad that we´re getting split up especially since elder Stott is going home right after this next transfer. But I have complete faith in our mission president and I trust that the Lord knows whats best and for whatever purpose this is what is best for this area. Elder Stott is going to stay in our apartment and I´m going to go live with my new companion in the Office building of our mission. Its going to be a little bit of a walk to get to our area everyday but its not too big of a sacrifice. It is just temporary until the office elders find a house for the four of us to live in here soon. With hope Elder Stott and I will be reunited very soon.My new companions name is Elder Poulsen. He actually just got back to the country today and I have yet to meet him. He was in the mission for 4 transfers and had to leave for a whole transfer back to the states to get surgery. I hope he comes back with a willingness to work because we´ve got a whole bunch to do. We will be in charge of the eastern part of our area the office elders when the get the chance to proselyte the central and elder stott and his new companion the western. This is probably the biggest change happening in the mission and I´m not going to lie... I´m pretty sad to be leaving Elder Stott. He´s an amazing missioanry and I look up to him so much.

Today being P-day was our last day together as companions. We´ll still be in the same district so it wont be too big of a deal but we still just took the time to hang out. We went on a run this morning along the Malecón, which is the cliffs of dead coral which is along the ocean. For lunch we went to a place called Adrians Tropical for lunch that was quite good and not too expensive. After that we just took some pictures. It was a good day I´m going to mis my "dad". But i know it is the lords will and I am willing to do whatever he asks as that is what I have signed up for.

I´ve really been loving the scriptures lately. I read Jacob five the allegory of the ollive tree and LOVED IT. For those of you who are members of the Church you might be thinking REALLY?! For those of you who dont know what i´m talking about forst I invite you to read it. Go to LDS.org and look it up in the book of mormon. But to give a quick explanation its a really long parable given by a book of mormon prophet. Its a chapter with 70 something verses and just talks about a guy and his servant taking care of his vinyard. But you want to know the secret to my success? Its actually quite simple. If you want to understand the scriptures, LIVE them. As a missionary we live the gosple 24/7 it makes it much easier to understand the scriptures if you are living its teahces and having the spirit with you.

My dear family and friends the mission is amazing. If your ever having a problem in your life and you feel down please go to the source of happiness, our Heavenly Father. And heavnly father speaks and comforts his children through the scriptures. Please if you feel like this pick up the book of mormon and start reading it. There is power in this book that comes from god. Put my theory to the test I promise you wont be dissappointed. Well I have 0 time left I hope you know how much I love you all. And thanks for the support! I recieved two letters this week one from Kelsey and One from My Aunt Jaynelle. Thank you so much for the letters they reall help. I sent one to Austin Jones Last week and then realized too late that i sent it to his BYU address and he probably will be gone by the time he gets it. Austin just know I love you k bud and that I´m so proud of you and your example keep it up!

Well i´m out of time love you all bye bye
Elder Pemberton

Have faith, be diligent, and be pacient and you will recieve the fruit tree of life, which is eternal life the greatest of all the gifts of god(taken from ALma 32:42

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