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Elder Pemberton
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Urb. Los Cacicazgos
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Arrival in the DR

I'M HERE!!!!
Dad, we got off the airport and i could have sworn i was back in puerto rico! The people here are a lot darker haha but very similar.
Well family, i am so excited to be here and be among the people! the mtc is on the temple grounds and is pretty awesome. I love the weather and the vegitation. Its so great to see all the green! So we got in last night around 11:30 DR time. which is 2 hrs from tx and 3 hrs from utah. Also we traveled with about 18 other missionaries and thats about all we have in total here at the mtc its crazy going from 2000 to a mere 20.
heres my address here:
Elder James Pemberton
Centro de Capacitacion Misonal
Avendia Bolívar # 825, esquina Ricardo Rodles
Los Robles, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.
Well this was just to let you know i'm safe. We have P-days on thursday so i will talk to you all then. I'm super excited and loving it here! I feel like im home already!
Elder Pemberton

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