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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 4

Hola mi familia y amigos!
He tenido un buena semana! So we got here on thursday night super late! Then friday was straight back into lessons and the studies. Its almost crazy how much we study! The day here goes like this.
6:30 wake up
7:00 go eat breakfast- which isnt generally anything big. Just some weird looking oatmela, cereal, toasted special kind of bread i dont even know what its called, and juice.
7:30 we have personal study for an hour which is time for like scriptures and what not. I try to spend the time thinking if i can about my investigators and what they need.
8:30 we are supposed to language study on a program called TALL (i have know idea what it stands for)
9:30 is class in which we'll teach our progressive investigators learn a grammer principle and have a lesson that in some way will help us be a better missionary
12:30 is lunch...... oh my goodness gracious.... the food.... is .. AH-MAZING. Holy smokes and there is soooo much food during lunch. We generally have rice and beans with two different kinds of meat maybe a pasta or potatoes. Some of the elders here get tired of it. But i love it!
1:30 we have language study and personal study. So its pretty much reading scriptures and doing whatever you need to do to help learn the language better
3:55 we have gym and a lot of the elders here like to play basketball so we go outside and play for the whole 50 minutes generally. Its a lot of fun and a nice break from the studies.
5:15 is dinner and its something pretty easy we have just some halm and potatoes yesterday. Lunch is the main meal around here. My body is still trying to get used to the eating schedule.
6:00 is class time where we do pretty much the same thing in the morning.
9:00 we have daily planning time to plan for the next day
9:30 is when we get together for family prayer.
So yeah there's my day! its pretty great and the days are going by pretty quick so far.
Life here is good. I'm really enjoying the time we're getting to prepare to be the best missionaries we can possibly be. Our teachers are all natives from the island and i think all served here too somehwere in the different missions.
So if my last email was posted and sent out to the masses you will all know that this MTC experience is MUCH different then the one in provo. In provo there was 2000 plus missionaries there. Here we have 20 plus! Its soooo crazy! haha but its really awesome we have about 22 elders and 2 hermanas. The CCmm president is President Glazier. He's an amazing man who knows sooooo much docrtine. he's been in institute most of his life either teacher or being in some sort of leadership position. Him and his wife really are sweet. Along with the elders and hermanas that came with us all the way from provo, we have 6 elders that are from the islands that came striaght to this MTC. there are two from Jamaica, one from Antigua, and three from Guyana (which isnt really an island but they have that kind of accent so theyrĂ© just all mixed up in my mind) five of them are going to the west indies and one is going back home to jamiaca. Theyre really awesome elders and its a huge testimony building experience to see first hand that the church really is ecerywhere. Did i mention that the CCM is on the temple grounds! Its such a beautiful temple and its such a blessing to have it so close.
I really am loving it here though. Its such an amazing country and i'm really loving the people soooo much.
Now enough about me on to you all!
Dad: holy smokes i cannot believe you got called to be a seminary teacher!!! thats sooo awesome. That will be really good for your testimony and will help strengthen your knowledge of the gospel. you are able to learn so much more when you teach. Kind of an interisting paradox huh? I'm so happy for those elders in your ward. They are for sure being blessed with all of those investigators and contacts and converts. tell em i'm proud of them and thanks for the awesome example they are setting for me. And yes if you couldnt tell by now i understood pretty much all of your email. There were some words i'm going to have look up in the dictionary but it was great. Keep sending em like that. I loved it.
Ana: I'm so happy that your growing closer with your girls in YW. You were difintiely called to that calling for a reason. I know it. I know it's because you have the skills and the things the girls need. As for pictures its fine to email them. Also please send them! and video's of malak doing karate!!!! if i have time a little later I'm going to try to write a little something to the YM in the ward. Tell them i really apprecxiate the support. So happy that your having a mssionary experience with your new friend brook. I'm really proud of you Ana. Sounds like the family is doing great! I hope the kids are learning to get a long better. Life is soooo much better when your siblings are your best friends instead of annoyances. Thanks for the love and the support always. I'll try to write more a little later today if i can!
With lots of love
Elder pemberton
P.S. elder bednar is coming next tuesday!!!! soooo excited!

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