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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week 3

Hello my wonderful family and friends.
Its been a pretty good week. Sorry if this letter is short we just have such little time here on the computers! BUT thats ok and i will tell you all that i can in the time I have.
First I leave on thursday!!!!!! oh my goodness i cant believe im actually going to be in the DR and going to get to teach the people of my mission field on fridays!!! thats sooooo great!
Next we had our amazing zone leaders and the two other missionaries in their district leave monday m,orning. It was pretty sad. It's the coolest thing to see how we grow to be sooo close. They left to Argentina.
Next we have had two new "investigators" their names are Ana y Leo. Ana is only 18 and such a sweet sweet girl. I've really grown to love her and really wanted to bring her the joy and the happiness that we as members of the church are able to feel everyday. She has a catholic background but wasnt too set in it. My companion and i are really able to teach very powerful and spiritual things. its been a great experience. Our second lesson i actually told her joseph smiths first vision from memory!!!!! its so much fun teaching in spanish i really love this language.
Next is Leo. He's kind of a wild child. He likes to drink and smoke a lot with his buddies. Funny story i got my spanish mixed up a bit and for probably 2 lessons thought he was 29 when really he's only 19 and also thought he was in a pit crew for racecars when really he's in a pit crew for motorctycle races haha. But i do love the language. With him we really tried to help him understand how much his heavenly father loves him and that he can change his life through the power of the atonement.
Well thats about it. Thanks to Jenny and aunt dorie and my mom and my family for packages oh and the lovely jones family and thanks to ciera and kelsey for writing me. Letters and packages are the best!!! oh and thanks to kiffyn for making me the best wrap ever for dinner you're great! :)
well fam thats all the time i got
love you all!!!!
Elder Pemberton

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