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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My dear family and friends
Alright so i'm going to start with questions this week because i keep forgetting things to ask about.
Have there been any mission calls yet from any of my friends? I know Todd Bean was expecting one at the beginning of this year and i havent gotten any word from him yet.
If possible I'd love to get the Emails of Jesse Fausett and Andrew Robb. That would be the best if possible!
Oh and Ana will you please take my uncle tim's email off the email list? Itstwetton@cisco.com thats his work email and he's not allowed to check those emails at work.
gracias por sus cartes siempre estoy feliz cuando yo recibolos. Que chevere su dia con Dexter. Me gusta much las fotos. Toda esta bien aqui is espero que estas teniendo buenas experiencias en Colombia. Te quiero mucho papa!
Estoy muy feliz que tussemanas estaban bien. Gracias tambien por enviando mi (package) haha o se la palabra en espanol. Pero mi espanol is mejorando y no puedo esperar cuando yo podría entender y hablar mejor y contigo y tambien con papa. Yo voy a escribir mi testimonio para Steph y tu puedes dar a ella. Ok?:)
Well everyone, its been a week. Let me tell ya. I have been loving my mission. Ive been growing so much and learning doctrines and things about christ that i never dreamed about. I'm excited and feel truly blessed that my family has loved me enough to support me on a mission. All of you young men who are still preparing. Do whatever you need to do to get out here. Stay worthy, save up money, get a knowledge of the gospel, and get out here. You will never get this opportunity again and I promise you that it will be so much harder to become the type of husband/father and the type of man heavenly father wants you to become if you do not come and serve him. Its amazing how true the saying really is. Those who lose themselves in the work truly find out who they are. There are people that need you. Please dont be selfish and do something that would prevent you from going.
Sorry I'll get off my soapbox now. life in the DR is still awesome! We got to go on a field trip last week. We went to the oldest part of the america's. there's a lot of history in this place. Its pretty awesome. Dad if you have a chance to do some studying while your there. I want you to study about the Isles of the Sea. And then compare that study with the history of how columbus found the americas. Its amazing. We had a fireside about it.
I'm having some issues with my comoanion at times. We're just really different and he's progressing a little slowly and has a negative attitude about things at times. But i'm learning a lot how to be patient and loving. We really do teach pretty great lessons despite this though.
Well i'm not sure what else to say. I hope that you all are having a great week. Please keep me informed on what's going on in everyone lives. letters take a while to get here but it's such a treat to get one!!! Talk to you all soon
Elder Pemberton

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