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Friday, March 9, 2012

March 8, 2012

Beloved Family and my dearest friends,
Well, It's finally here! I cant believe that i'm about to be a ful fledged missionary starting on tuesday! I am so very very excited! I can't wait to be out in the real world and just get to work!
A few cool things happened this week. As i said in my last letter, I went on intercambios on friday! What a great experience that was. Basically all the missionaries that were here in the MTC got split up amongst missionaries that are already out in the field. I got to go to my mission and it was awesome. No worries I couldnt understand hardly anything but you kniow what I'm just not worried. We tuaght two lessons. The first one was on the word of wisdom to a young woman named Ismereis (i think thats how you spell it). And I bore my testimony on how living that commandment has blessed my life. It was a fun experience. The next lesson was about the restoration of the gospel. We taught a woman named kenia who was very lively and super nice. We started talking about the restoration and i dont remember how it got brought up but she said "i actually really believe in reincarnation." Well thats what it sounded like at least. I looked over to my companion for the day Elder Foster to confrim. And he said yup reincarnation is what she's talking about. We actually had a member with us who had just finished his mission. Anyways Elder Foster said well we're going to talk more about that later but thats not exaclty what happens. Being super polite. And then the member just takes over the lesson and drills kenia about how she's wrong. I was really taken aback. But kenia took it really well. The field was a really great experience. The people in are very poor. Its a very different life style and it makes me all that much grateful for all that i do have back home. There's also A LOT of walking! so That 15-20 lbs i gained will prob be gone in the next two weeks!
I also got to meet my mission president on Sunday! He's really young only 39 (my dad's age) and already a mission president. Him and his wife have an amazing spirit about them and I felt really blessed to get to meet him. I also had the opportunity as a district leader to conduct this devotional. Let me just tell you. I was really nervous! But i got through it ok and i hope i made a good impression on him.
The other nervwrackinbg thing i did was sing a special musical number for our tuesday devotional. Four of us elders sand mas cerca dios de ti. It turned out pretty good so i was told. But i was actually really really nervous. I'm glad i did it though. It's helping me stay in tuned with my musical side and helping it be apart of my work here on my mission.
Well thats about it. Ana I still havent recieved the package luckily my mission isnt too far so i'll be able to have it delivered to me when it does get here. Also i hope dad is Ok i'm a little worried because i didnt get an email from him this week. And he is generally the best one at writing me emails. Also if grandma sug reads this will you let me know if sister bowen was able to get you my stuff that i left at the provo MTC? I'm really excirted to get into the field.thank you so much for sending emails letters and the prayers they're are all very much so needed as a missionary. Cant wait to hear from everryone in a week and a half wish me luck in the field!
Elder Pemberton

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