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Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

Pues mi amoroso famila.

Wow I dont even know where to begin. WEll Right now i´m in un centro de internet. A little place muy acerca de nuestro apartamiento. 

It´s been quite some time and i didnt even realize where the time went!! well last tuesday was transfers! which means we woke up at 5am to check out of our what now i realize was my very own hayatt hotel here in the DR. haha we´ll get to that part later. I said good bye to all my good friends that i had come to love there at the ccm, goodbye to my companion, goodbye to president, and i said hello to the MISSION FIELD!!!! I really wasnt sure what to expect but just like the first day i entered the MTC in provo I put on a big smile and said like fake it till i make! or in other words stay positive and it´ll all work out! We got taken to the chapell that they call the tranny chapell because thats where everyone goes for the transfers, o en español translados. We waited in a room for a little bit to interview with president. In my interview president told me that it is very hard to find as good of missionary as my trainer in probably the whole world. I have come to realize exactly what he meant. Next we met our trainers. My new companions name I found out was Elder Stott. I had secretly wanted a latin companion so that i could learn the language better but thats ok. Of course as soon as i was thinking that my companion got up and started translating for the senior missionary couple who work in the offuce in next to perfect spanish! I dunno why but the Lord has seen fit to really bless me right now in the part of my mission. We had some more training that day on mission rules and a spiritual thought from president rodriguez and thenElder Stott and I hit the road. We lucked out and got to use the AP´s car because we had to run some errands for them first but we got to drop our uggage off at our new place. Well.... speaking of how the CCM was my own little hyatt hotel... well... haha no jk our place really isnt that bad but it was just really dirty. so today good old p-day we clened it up real nice. I love livining in a clean home. Well we got settled studied for a little bit and then headed out. We were kind of whitewashed into ths area called Independencia. The area is really big so its split up into two parts. As an office elder Elder Stott was in the other side but now he´s here. I say kind of whitewashed because he already knows the geographical area and the ward really well. Whitewashed is when 2 new areas get put into an area all by themselves and neither of them had been there before. The first day was just contacting contacting and more contacting. We contacting 48 people our first day. thats actually really a lot. And we did a whole bunch of walking.. But i stuck with my attitude. Just smile and stay positive. I knew that the Lord would bless me if i bear my trials well. So the first day was tough but thats ok.

The rest of this week has honestly been AMAZING!!! I can testify to my grave to tell you how the Lord controls practically every single part of this work. and that it truly is the most important work that is occurring on the planet now. My favorite story is with a man named tony. We contacted tony on the first day. I could see how he was a little sad. But i also could tell he was a really nice guy. Well the next day when we went back to go teach him. He was having a family get together so we couldnt teach anything but he said yeah come backanother time. (people here are really bad with setting appointments) so we didnt make one. I was just really sad because I really wanted to tach him. Long story short three days later we went to go teach a lesson to a lady who i had thought was really not that interested but we made the cita anyways. Only to find that tony was there painting her house! We didnt even teach the lesson because she didnt even talk to us when we showed up and started talking to tony. But we talked to him and he said yeah i´ve just got to stay busy always have to be doing something because i´ve got a lot on my mind right now. So we made a una cita with him and i hope he´s receptive. Because i know our message can really help him find happiness. 

Well family i´m sorry the time is short but i need to go now. Please know how much I love you all and how much you mean to me. I´m fine here the work is great and i´m working hard so no one needs to worry about me ok! :) well again i love you all and will talk to you next week. 

Elder Pemberton

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