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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 1

Hey Ana!!! and i guess the rest of the world!!! :)
I have soooooo much to say but i just seriously have 0 time i'm not sure how well writing three seperate emails is gonna work out! sorry :/ My first night was GREAT!!!!! i'm really enjoying the MTC. I havent been tooo homesick yet. I've mostly just missed music and having fun. We cant listen to any music here at the MTC.... i'm not sure why. Just one of the many rules.
Ana congrats with your presidency thats sooo awesome. Sounds like church was great..
Here things are going really well!!!! My companion Elder Watkins and I are meeting with an "investigator" named Nico. He's a great guy from Argentina. Teaching is actually a lot harder than i though it would be. AND i cant even do it in my own language!
Please tell people to write me/ dear elder me and also maybe talk to the Missionary Mom's in Vegas and see if i can get their boys emails?
I'm supposed to leave on feb 2nd! So lets hope that that works out. the language is coming along! I talk very broken spanish but i can generally get my point across! I love talking the langauge and there's nothing better than being able to have good convo's with some elder's in my district in spanish!
People that i would really love to here from: (well every one but who ive been thinking of) Maddy, Ciera, Carl, and guys from vegas.
I love you all SOOOOO much hope to here from you soon!
Love elder Pemberton
Oh yeah THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! I promise! :)

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