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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well I´m so so sorry but after writing some other quick emails the time has left me.  But we´ll go for just a quick update and I promise to write a good letter to all next week.

Investigators: Hno Abreu came to church this sunday!!!! It was awesome everyone knew him at church one because its a small small little town and two because he was a political representantive for Sabana Yegua. But he´s doing good he´s till taking studies from other churches but we´re doing our best to help him find the truth and help him understand where his Heavenly Father wants him to be. Pray for him that he will be able to find his answer soon and make a decision before he gets even more confused from all of the other religions.
Eridania Natalia and Cesarina are doing well. All loving church and always come. We have a goal to try to teach them together and tomorrow we´re going to put a baptismal date for the 1st of december. I´m really excited for them!
Isamar is a young woman of about 15 years old. She´s made a lot of changes in her life such as trying to overcome the normal teenager rebelious stage. Shes been taking lessons off and on from the missionaries for about 6 months and we feel like she´s finally ready we put a baptism date for the 1st of december as well. 
The only other one is Nicauris who needs to come to church so she can find her answer as well. Please pray for that miracle to be able to happen this coming week.
Also we need to find more peope so please keep that in your prayers as well. They are waiting for our beautiful message we just need the help finding them.
As far as our comapanionaship we´re dpoing... much better. I´m learning how to communicate how I feel and my comp is learning how to not get mad so fast. We´re doing our best to help one another and I know that all of your prayers are the power behind us. Sorry that its not much but I love you all so much have a great week!!! And good luck with elections!!!
Elder Pemberton

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