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Sunday, November 4, 2012


My dear family,

Ask and yea shall receive know and it shall be open unto you. 

When I opened my email and saw all of the emails from friends and family my heart honestly soared as I saw all of the loving notes and words that you all took time to send me. To save time I´m going to print them out so that I have time to write you all. Which is very limited due to the pictures that I was tryig to send. 

Just for a quick update. I´m fine all of the missionaries are fine as far as we know. There was some major damage in our small town of Sabana Yegua there were two or three house that were taken away in a river that broke out of a man made trench. There was mud all over the roads and parts of the road were actually taken up. It was quite a sad sight to see peoples home destroyed. Their things ruined by the water. But I trust in our loving Heavenly Father who knows whats best for each one of His children. I hope that the people of Sabana Yegua will be able to come closer to God through this tragedy in stead of letting the hate and anger of the circumstances take over.

As far as investigators go. Luckily none of them were affected by the storm and we finally have baptism dates!!! They´re only goals meaning that theyre not for sure but. Eridania and her family want to get baptised and so were working with them to see if they can get baptised this coming month the 24th of Nov. They´re coming to church and starting to become part of the family of the church. Hno Abreu is also doing well. Do to the storm and the exchanges we had this week with the Zone leaders I havent been able to share with him but he also as the goal of getting baptised the 24th. His biggest problem is getting to church so please pray that we can have a miracle in getting him to church this week.

Elder Paredes and I are doing a lot better. But things did get worse before they could get better. Monday and tuesday I learned more than ever before in my life how to trust ONLY in my Heavenly Father because honestly we just couldnt find the solution to our difficulties. But like I said we´re doing better and I know its been because of all of your prayers.

Sorry I´m short but I´m way out of time. I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support that you all give me. I hope the Lord is pouring out His blessings upon each and every one of you for thinking and taking care of one of His servants. Please have a great week. You are all in my prayers. Y siempre recuerden sobre todo que confiemos en el Señor nuestro Redentor.
Elder Pemberton

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