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Urb. Los Cacicazgos
Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Monday, September 3, 2012


Hey familia!!! We´re having a really good time in Sabana Yegua of Azua. My new comp is Elder Paredes and we really get along really well. I´ve been loving getting to know my companion and just love talking about how things are going in our life and what is on our mind and stuff like that. Its been a good week so far. The work is a little different out in the campo than back in the capital. I felt like in the capital it was work work work get as many lessons in as possible try and to help as many people as possible in the day. And while that was great and I liked it because I knew all of my investigators and I was willing to work hard for them I´m enjoying the different feel of the campo. No papá no hay tantas mata en dondequier que triste no? To explain my area a bit it extends about maybe a mile and a half along the main highway that runs through the province of Azua. And Sabana Yegua is truly a town its got organized streets and houses along those streets and everything. The people here are definitely less iliterate so that makes it a little bit hard and generally most of the young adults that would be interested in our message go to the capital to study. Yesterday in Church was a pretty good sunday. Its my first time being in a branch but we have a really good branch. The members are young in the gospel but a lot of them have really great spirits and truly just want to serve our Lord. I was able to go up and bear my testimony being fast and testimony meeting and I wa glad to see the 50 or so people all smiling and what they thought was going to be a fluent dominican speaker. haha I still fool everyone I meet. We havent found any progressing investigators since I´ve been here this week so I still feel like I´m not super close to the ones Elder Paredes and his comp had before but then again its only a week. The people are really great and knowing me I just love everyone so easily and these people are really easy to love. We have a few of the youth in our ward that leave with us ALL DAY LONG! And I thought I was doing a lot leaving with the missionaries in TX every now and then. 
Well my dear family and friends, life is just good. I´ve got a great companion. A wonderful branch that Iñm excited to support in these coming weeks and I know that Lord will continue to prepare the people. No worries I´m still working hard and doing all I can to help the people. Sorry if theres not any super cool stories this week but it was more of an introduction to the campo for me. I think this week being more organized after P'day and knowing the people a little bit more we´ll be able to have some really great experiences. I love the mission. Its been such a learning experience and my testimony has grown so much. There is no doubt in my mind that the Church is true. Its true. I can assure you that it is. 
I love you all so much and know that I have been protected and strengthened through your prayers and thoughts for me. Please keep them coming. I need them. My investigators need the and the branch needs them. Also congrats to Austin Jones on his Mission Call to Ireland!!!! I know I´m late and he´s already in the MTC by now but snail mail is... well.. just that slow. haha love you all have a great week.

Elder Pemberton.

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