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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18, 2012

My dear Family,

I´m going to try to write really quick but Elder Mooney had a great experience this week. We have a really awesome investigator named Jerig I think ive mentioned him before. Well he received his answer that he is on the right path a few weeks ago and he wants to be baptized the thing is that he might be moving to Haiti for a month or so. Being a new convert and moving to a place where you doing have a support system to saty active in the gospel is a fate that we did not want to condemn him to. But we also didnt want to prolong something so important as baptism if he is ready to do so and if he might not even leave. So the first fecha we put with him was the 23 of June which is this saturday. After worrying about him leaving we changed it to the 16th which was last saturday. We talked to our Zone leaders to see their opninion on this subject and they said you know we are the ones who know jerig best but that its really hard in this situation. So basically they said that we should wait. So we talked to him about it and explained that Baptism shouldn´t be something so iffy. That it should be a firm thing that we know when we´re going to do it and why. So we decided just to wait and see how this job thing works out, in other words he did not get baptized the 16th. Well we had been waiting and I just felt like we needed to do something that just waiting on this iffy job was not the thing to do. So we decided to do a companionship fast. Elder Mooney´s first in the field. As I did my personal prayers on saturday night Heavenly Father told me that he needed to get baptized on the 23 of June. That was a test of my faith. I said well I´m not sure if everything could be ready by this saturday. We havent even talked to the bishop yet. I asked if it could possibly be the 30. He patiently replied that Jerig needed to be baptized this Saturday and that everything will be ready. So I accepted ended my prayer and called out to see if my companion was still up. He was. I said, "Elder Mooney.... Jerig needs to be Baptized on the 23..." He said "ELDER NO WAY!!!!!!!! That was the EXACT date that came to my head too!" So in the morning I called Jerig to inform him of what we were thinking. He accepted the baptismal date and it was announced that day in church.

In this situation I felt a little like Elder Fausett with his similar experience. But Elder Mooney and I had our prayers answer and we will be having a baptism this saturday. I´m so grateful for the love that our Heavenly Father has for His children. And am so happy for the knowledge that the restored gospel gives to the members of the church. If some of you are wondering," what in the word is Elder Pemberton saying. How in the world can he say that he had a conversation with God!?!?!" I promise each and every one of you its possible and that HEaveny Father loves each and everyone of you enough to talk to you in the same way. Its us who have to just be patient and listen. In your personal prayers if you kneel down in a quiet and calm place, pray with real intent understanding who you are talking to, and before you say amen just wait there with your mind empty. You´ll find that thoughts begin to come to your head. And while they come in your own voice somehow you feel like they´re not coming from you. Then in a sense you just.... talk back. And before you know it you realize that you are having a cnversation. Those of you who dont want to understand will thing that I was just talking to myself. But those of you that do and put a test to my words will find tha what I say is true. I testify to you as a special representative of the Lord Jesus Christ that what I have told you is true and that it can happen to you as well. You can feel of the love of your Father in Heaven in this very special manner. He wants to hear from you and wants you to hear from Him.

I love you all and am so grateful for your support and your love. I hope you have a great week and cannot wait to here from you all soon.
Con mucho amor,
Elder Pemberton

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