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Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

Well i no more have over twenty months left in the mission. Its crazy to think about but in just a few days will mark 1 year that we moved to TX. But if anything this just helps me remembeer that the time flies and that I need to take advantage of every single moment of my mission.
Today i would really like to talk about one of our investigators named Jerig. This man used to be very evangelico and really REALLY knows the bible quite well. But the great thing is that everytime we go there to teach him he learns something new and is so accepting to the commandments of God. He´s a man of great understanding so knows quite well HOW we should live this life: by trusting 100% in the lord and never looking back. The hard part for all of us is that we can all talk to the talk but when it comes to walking we tend to falter tdue to the straightness and narrowness of the path. But he´s doing very good and I love the evenings that we get to spend teaching him. Elder Stott and I had planned for the longest time to make his family cookies one P-day. And out of love for Jerig and my dad I completed with the goal today. I made some betty crocker oat-meal cookies and added some peanut butter. I wasnt sure if that was ok to do but hey they turned out well... enough haha. You all know me I just love peanut butter. We are working really hard with Jerig to get a baptism date but he has a pending job that he might have to take in Haiti. He´s currently unemployed. But he knows that this is the right path so while we wait for what his plans will be for the next few months will will help him strengthen his testimony of the Book of Mormon and by doing so ultimately strengthen his faith in Christ.
We had Ana-María´s baptism on friday. Elder Stott was there and so were his parents!!! It was really nice to meet them and I was really happy to see my dad again. And! Elder Mooney got to meet his Grandaddy. But on a different note it was such a spiritual night. Ana-maria asked me to share my testimony and I actually wasnt nervous. I guess my language is coming along far enough to where I can let the spirit talk through. The gift of tongues is real. Every talk was great. Exactly what Ana needed as well as what those who attended the baptism needed. The baptismal service was completely dircted by the Spirit. As i have said before I am convinced that there is a joy that Heavenly Father saves specifically for those who participate in missionary work. 
I´m loving my mission and I know that the Lord is using me and my companion to touch the lives of many of His children. And I am more than excited for the many experiences that I will have as the time comes. I have one favor from all of you. If you could take a special moment to just pray for our investigators not only I but also they will be eternally grateful. Those that we are woking with the most are: Jerig and his family, Jonathan, Ela, Adis and her family, Karina, Olga and her family, Guarionex, and Victor. I know you all are very busy but if you could just help these children of God in this small but very significant manner I know that it will have an effect on these peoples lives.I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week.
Love Elder Pemberton

Granma  Sug and Grandpa Kieth: Thank you so much for your letters. I am receiving them and I love them! So glad to hear that you had a fun trip but glad you are home now. Have a great week!

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