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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 7, 20102

Wow i really missed my dad and I am so happy to be back with him. His companion went back to nicaragua this morning. They worked it out so that he could serve the rest of his mission there. So I am back with Elder Stott and in my old area again. I´m so very excited to see my old investigators and meet some of the new ones that Elder Stott and his old companion were able to teach while I was gone. Elder Poulson is staying in the office and in the other area. He and his new companion will continue to work with our investigators. I wish them luck and hope that they can be the best missionaries possible for the investigators that I left behind. 
During the past two weeks... wow... I´ve grown a lot. I basically was the senior companion even though Elder Poulson had more time. Most of the time I was leading the area and the lessons. It´s really hard to learn how to share the lessons when your other comapanion doesnt know to much spanish. But my spanish I feel shot through the roof. I feel like I can speak a lot better now that I have had to fend for myself.
I´ve had some pretty great experiences though. One of them being the rain. The past four days it rained every day from around 4 to around 8 or 9 almost nonstop and HARD. Have any of you been to a beach in a parking lot? Well i have haha. Elder Poulson and I were waiting for a member in the parking lot of an apt building and the parking lot was flooded. So as the cars passed the street that looked more like a small lake, waves were comeing into the parking lot. It was a fun experience.
Other than that I´ve really learned how the Lord blesses his missionaries who work hard. That and the fact that there really are people that he is preparing in individual ways for each one of them. Twoof the few progressing investigators I left behind were Javier and Joeli. They are both studying at the university right now and are really intelligent people. They understand all of the principles so fast and are really accepting of them as well. The biggest hold up they are going to have is that they are not married. So we left them a Law of Chastity pamphlet in hopes that they can start planning now. The Law of Chastity is a moral commandment given to us by our loving father in heaven to help us better understand how we should treat the sacred power of procreation that He has given us. To be eligible for baptism one needs to be worthy which means completing with all of the commandments of god. (there arent just 10 of them). For them to fully be living the law of chastity and be worthy of baptism marriage is vital. That or they need to live in different appartments. But they have a beautiful almost 7 month old baby girl. So the best option would be to get married. I hope they will. I hope thy see the importance of living the commandments of god. ANd really he only gives us commandments so that we have opportunities to receive blessings. They greatest of all being eternal life. 
Well I love you all so much. I´m super excited to be working with Elder Stott again. We´re going to do a lot of work in these few 4 weeks before he leaves. On a quick other note, I would really love to hear from my friends and other family member if you have time I know your all busy but.... just a little reminder of how much I miss you all :)
With lots of love; Con Amor,
Elder Pemberton

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