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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 21, 2012

This week is going to be short you´ll have to forgive me. Just know that I love all of you very much and I am grateful for your love and support in Everything.
We had an awesome temple trip on thursday and I really loved it. The temple is most definitely a house of learning and I feel spiritually enlightened by the experience I had this past week at the temple.
We´ve been asked several times here why can´t everyone go into the temple? And Elder Stott explained it in a really good parable which helps describe one of the reasons why not just anyone can enter into the Temple. Imagine if you had just cleaned the house really really well. Imagine your house spotless white with a lemony fresh scent in the air. As your just finishing up your 5 year old son or daughter knocks on the back door after playing in the mud for a good few hours. Now its not that your not going to let him or her into the house but your going to help him or her get clean beforehand so that the house doesnt get dirty right? We believe and i strongly testify that the Temple is the literal house of god that it is the most holy place that is found in the world. So its not that we´re not going to let people in, its just that, to not defile the sanctity of the temple the lord asks us to be worthy, or clean of sin, before we enter. I hope this can answer a few questions any of you might have.
This week has been crazy with the Dominican Presidencial elections that were held yesterday. But everything is a lot more calm now and Elder Stott and I will be going out tonight to teach. 
We´ve had a few really great lessons with an investigator named Jerig. This man is a true disciple od christ and you can really tell how much he is willing to follow his commandments. We taught him two lessons the past couple weeks. Coupled with scriptures we were able to really teach him why we do baptisms for the dead and why we keep the sabath day holy and why its on sunday. To answer this question for any of you who have the same one the reason are simple. Its because we believe that we have a living prophet who leads our church through direct revalation from God. We trust this man and all that he says and have a testimony of his sacred calling. If you want a more detailed answer please send me your address and I can have your friendly neighborhood missionaries pass by! If thats too much... which I hope it isnt.... but if it is you are also welcome to go to mormon.org. Questions are great if you have any feel free to email me or my parents they will be happy to answer anything you have when they have they time. Love you all and can´t wait to here the news of the coming week.

Just for all of you to know. You can email me but I am only allowed to email family members due to time and to help me stay focused on the great work that I have been called to do. But feel free to send me letters or a short email to say hi. I miss all of you and so grateful for each relationship I share with each of you individually. Also I have a letter waiting for Elder Zach Collier and Ciera Taylor and am just waiting for addresses to mail them off. I have also been recieving emails from bishop Stevenson and from Abuela Nydia and from Grandma Sug just so you all know that they are getting to me! I also would like to know if anyone has gotten a written letter from me since I´ve been in the DR because I´ve sent a few but havent heard of anything yet. Love you and thank you so much! 

Elder Pemberton

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